Belgian Wit just in time for summer!

Belgian Wit is one of my favorite beer styles, and a sure bet for a lawn mower beer.  Given my love for the style and how prolific I am as a homebrewer it was sort of surprising I hadn’t made a batch yet.

For my first go at this style I shot for a text book example, light, tart and refreshing with complexity from a judicious use of brewing spices and citrus.

The grain bill was as follows:

  • 5# Belgian Pilsner Malt
  • 5# Flaked Wheat
  • 1# Flaked Oats
  • .25# Rice Hulls (to help with the lauter)

I did a single infusion mash with a temp of 150 and figured 65% efficiency to get 5.5 gallons post boil at an OG of 1.047

For the boil I added the following

  • 1.25 oz of Czech Saaz at 60 Minutes
  • 1 oz of bitter orange peel at 5 min
  • 1oz of crushed coriander at 5 min
  • 1.7 oz of sweet, fresh orange zest (wet weight, no pith)

I pitched at 68 deg F with a 1liter starter of Wyeast 3944 and slowly increased the temp to 70F over two days.  Fermented for 9 days before bottling at final gravity of 1.011


Spices: Top-Bitter Orange peel, Left-Fresh orange zest, and Right- ground coriander

So how did it turn out?  Awesome!  Just as I had hoped it reminds me a lot of the now defunct Scandia Ale from Summit Brewing.  The belgian wit yeast from Wyeast is perfect for this style and I think I hit the spicing just right.   Enjoy!