About Rugutis

RagutisIn the pagan mythology of the Baltic, Rugutis, (spelled variously Rūgutis, Ruguczis, Ragutis, or Raugupatis) was a nature spirit or demi-god that breathed life into grain, turning it into sourdough bread and beer.  He was often depicted kneading bread or carrying a drinking horn.  His consort was Ragutiene the goddess of beer, mead and other alcoholic beverages.  Together they were revered by the pagan Balts for the life sustaining gifts of food preservation and intoxication, and celebrated with annual feasts on the Autumnal Equinox.  In the same spirit, this blog is intended as a celebration of the art and craft of fermentation, encompassing content from the modern to the ancient, and from bread to beer, and everything in between.


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