Borscht is a pretty simple soup to make, and as far as I can tell from my travels in Eastern Europe, seems to have infinite variations.  At its best, it should be a simple hearty soup showcasing the beautiful color and flavor of beets

With homemade beet kvass in hand its really easy to assemble.  The kvass can either be strained to retain just the liquor or used whole retaining beet pieces.  A simple soup can be made by mixing kvass and beef or mushroom stock together in a a 1:1 ratio.

For a more elaborate soup saute onions, potatoes and carrots with a little bacon or other smoked pig product and then add stock and kvass.  Finish with salt, pepper and a healthy dose of chopped cabbage.  Serve with dill, sour cream and dark rye bread and enjoy!

An excellent link to borscht recipes and process can be found here.



Rugutis goes to Estonia

Bad News: I have taken a forced 4 month hiatus from brewing. I didn’t even get to use all of the hops I grew this summer 😦

Great News: Work has brought me to Estonia for 4 months. Just a hop skip and a jump from the lands Rugutis inhabits.

Estonian Flag as Winter landscape

Look for Baltic beer tastings, brewery tours, some history and maybe secrets on how to make really awesome rye bread!